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BrightWork on G550

The Aircraft  Detailing Course  
This is Three Day's of intensive 'hands-on' training.  It is my ultimate desire to provide you with the best possible aircraft detail training in the Aviation Industry! 
This is the class where the student learns the safe and proper procedures, techniques, and approved products required to polish all aircraft metal surfaces to a mirror finish, using high speed and orbital buffers. Class concludes with hands-on polishing of bright work performed on aircraft leading edges, engine intakes, reversers, wind screens and spinners.    


                                                                        Falcon 2000

How to Wet Wash using the correct accessories and aircraft approved chemical products. There has probably been more damage done to aircraft during the wet wash process due to harsh chemicals and high pressure washers than any other procedure. Students will be instructed on how to safely wet wash and dry the aircraft exterior. The class will be concluded by the student wet washing and drying an aircraft.

Wet Wash

Due to the EPA restriction of soap, oil, and water entering city storm drains, dry washing of aircraft is sometimes the only method available to clean aircraft exteriors. This class consists of procedures, approved cleaning products and tools that will enable the student to clean the aircraft's exterior by dry washing the airplane. Class will be concluded by the student
dry washing an aircraft.

Dry Wash
Have you ever wondered how they keep those planes looking so shiny? You will learn the correct and safe procedures in using buffers on aircraft painted surfaces. Training will consist of how to remove oxidation, carbon, oil staining, and fading. A discussion will include the types of paint used on today's aircraft. Class will be concluded by the student buffing and sealing an aircraft painted surface.
Paint Sealant
Students will learn how to use the Boot Prep(cleaning) and  Sealant to restore and protect pneumatic de-ice boots on all aircraft. Sealant build-up and imbedded bugs can lead to the destruction of the rubber compound. Instruction is given on removing the bugs and previous sealant. Class will be concluded by the student refurbishing the de-ice boots on an actual aircraft.


Boot Sealant
From 172’s to Gulfstream GV’s, students will be instructed in all aspects of detailing aircraft interiors. The products which work best to recondition leather seats, to cleaning the galley, lav, cabinets, mirrors, cabin windows, cockpits, including instrument panels. Additional instruction includes the use of carpet extractors and the NEW Dry Carpet Cleaning method. When you don’t have to use water, there is no mildew or carpet shrinking. Class will be concluded by the student detailing the interior of an aircraft .

          Challenger 604


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